Terms of Service



When donating to "Us", "We", "Our", "the community", it all refers to "[GGN]", or "Geetsly's Gaming Network" as a community. We are not liable for any mistakes you would have made with our services. You also understand, by donating, you're donating for virtual items/goods and there's nothing physical being involved. You the players donation is greatly appreciated and continues to help us grow as a community. If you the player fails to follow any of the in-game rules or fail to follow this ToS, we reserve the right to continue using your donation and not give a money refund.


Packages and purchases do not guarantee their descriptions and can be revoked by Staff. Packages cannot be refunded for this reason.

Unauthorized donations

Should a donation be made from a PayPal Account that is not authorized by the account holder (be it yourself, a parent or guardian, or other legal holder of the account balance), or other fraud committed to donate to our servers, your account(s) with [GGN] will be immediately and permanently suspended for fraud.


We do not offer money refunds, it is possible under certain circumstances that we can offer a trade, keep in mind we reserve the right to deny such trade of items.

If you are inactive for over 2 weeks your package may be removed unless a leave of absence (LOA) is submitted and acknowledged.

Permanent packages refer to how long the server stays up, therefore if the server is discontinued you will not receive any compensation, therefore make sure you want to donate to our community.

If a package is removed, we don't have to give you a refund, instead a trade can be talked out.
Refunding without informing the current 'Director of Finances' (Currently Foil#0007 on Discord) will result in a Community Ban


Note: [GGN] reserves the right to change or modify the ToS at any point/time with no warning. "Donators" will also not receive any "special treatment" and will be treated as a normal player. Also note if you become inactive with no warning we reserve the right to remove your items, once they have been removed you have two days to contact someone to receive it again. After that only under certain circumstances will you get your items back.



Your donation to our community is greatly appreciated, it helps us create better content for our users to enjoy :D

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